Co-operation with Intra


In June 2015, Elcee Stainless Steel Sanitary has started a strategic collaboration with Intra. Intra is the market leader in Scandinavia in the field of stainless steel sanitary, hygiene products and kitchen sinks.


The first visible step, is the expansion of our product portfolio. A good example is our new line of stainless steel wash troughs,pressed in 1 piece,which gives them a unique design. The smooth lines and curves makes it easy on the eyes both also very hygienic and easy to clean. We even have a wash troughwhich isequipped with protective “corner bumpers”, to provide extra safety for the users . Perfect for kindergartens and schools for example.



Scandinavian Design


Everyday design. Not plain, but designed for everyday use. Scandinavian design is known for combining pure elegance with strict requirements for quality and function. Unique and simple lines, high quality materials and the small, crucial details you learn to appreciate after many years of use. Intra has received several international design awards.


To summarize: you can contact Elcee for even more solutions. Naturally, with the same familiar team, at the same address.